11+ Mock Tests gives your child the chance to practise exam techniques and overcome any exam nerves before the big day.


The mock tests will provide your child with the opportunity to experience what it is like to sit an 11+ Entrance Examination. Completing practice papers at home can be a very different experience to sitting mock exams under exam conditions in a school hall.


We currently offer three tests, Test A, Test B and Test C. All tests will contain different Maths and English papers giving your child the opportunity to sit a range of test papers.  

Test A, B and C will be multiple choice and will be set to the same standard based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum. The English and Maths papers will each last 40 minutes with a short break between them.


A breakdown of the exam score will be provided for each child for both papers by topic for Maths and English. This will highlight areas where the child performed well or where more knowledge is required.


Raw scores, standardised scores and a combined overall score will also be provided for each test paper. The 11+ Mock Test cost is £25.00.



Click the button below to view pupils' results from the 11+ Mock Tests held on  the 

1st of September 2019.


Please enter the candidate's registration number on the front sheet to update the results on the second worksheet.