Every parent wants the best education for their children but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that could detriment their outcomes. All primary school children in the UK are working towards their GCSE exams, which subsequently opens many other doors for them based on their success.

Primary school may be overlooked as a slightly insignificant assessment of your child’s education however the SATs results have an impact on what their target grade will be on for GCSE. Secondary schools use KS2 data to judge how well the students are likely to do when they sit the GCSE  four years later. Contextually there are many factors that could have affected your child’s performance on the week that the SATs were taken such as illness etc and that should not determine whether or not they are streamed into low ability classes in year 7.

Fear not!

What many of you may not know is when students arrive in secondary school within the first few weeks the students are given CAT tests which stream their ability and help teachers band students into ability sets. This could potentially gain your child a place in a higher set that they would not have received the opportunity to work in had it been based solely on their SAT results.

We are providing a service that prepares your child for the CAT assessment so that they feel equipped and ready to achieve to the best of their ability.