Q. Where will the Mock tests be held?

A. The tests will be held in the main hall at Woodcote High School, Meadow Rise, Coulsdon, London, CR5 2EH.

Q. How can I get to Woodcote High School by car or public transport.  Where can i park?
A. It's possible to get to the School by train or by bus.  The nearest train station is Reedham Station which is approximately 21 minutes walk away (1.1 miles) via Smitham Downs Road (B2030) and Woodcote Valley Road.  Bus routes 434 and 643 can be used to get to the school. Buses 60, 166 and 405 require a short walk from the bus routes.


Please park on Meadow Rise or Smitham Downs Road and walk to the school. If you have no other option than to use another side road please completely avoid Smitham Bottom Lane which become extremely busy. Please also park with the utmost consideration for the School's neighbours by avoiding blocking driveways or roads.

Q. Does my child have to be in Year 5 to sit the tests?

A. The exams are designed for children in Year 5 who will be sitting secondary school entrance exams in the next school year.  The exams are not appropriate for children who are not in Year 5.

Q. What should my child wear on the day of the tests?

A. There is no dress code.  Your child should wear something comfortable and appropriate for the weather on the day of the test.

Q. What can my child take into the exam with them?

A. In addition to their candidate details which will be given nearer the time, your child should bring 2 HB pencils, a ruler, and an eraser (a pencil sharpener is optional) in a clear pencil case.  Water may be taken into the exam if it is in a clear unlabelled bottle.  No food, mobile phones, smartwatches, calculators or other bags are allowed in the hall during test sessions

Q.  Can special consideration be given to children with a Statement of Special Educational Need?

A. Unfortunately not. We do not have the capacity to provide additional time or special conditions for individual children.

Q. How many tests can I book for my child?

A. Test A, Test B and Test C contain different papers so you could book your child in for either Test A, Test B, Test C or all three tests.

Q. Are the exams in multiple choice format?

A.  Yes.  Both the English and Maths papers will be multiple choice.

Q. How long will the tests take?

A. There is an English and Maths paper each lasting 40 minutes.  There will be a short break of approximately 15 minutes between the papers.

Q.  What is the pass mark for the test?

A. There is no pass or fail mark.  All students will be given their raw score and also their standardised score which will enable you to see how they performed relative to other children sitting the exams.

Q. How do I get the results and when will they by published?
A. The results for Test A will be available 7 days after each exam session has taken place.  Test B results will be published 7 days after each test B session has finished.  Results will be sent by email (using the email address provided at the time of booking) and also published on the website.  Further information will be provided nearer the time.

Q. Can I accompany my child into the exam hall?

A. No. Your child will be signed in at the school gates and then escorted to the exam hall by The Education Hub staffs.

Q. I have a question about the mock tests that is not answered on this website.  Who should I contact at the School to answer my question?
A. Woodcote High School is not involved in the running of these tests and will not be able to help with any enquiries.  All questions should be directed to The Education Hub at the following address: tests@theeducationhub.co.uk

Q. Can I see the English and Maths papers and how can I get more information about my child's result?
A. The papers are the property of The Education Hub and will remain confidential therefore it won't be possible to release them.  Results will be sent to the email address used at the time of booking and they will also be published on this site.  We will be offering feedback on how a child performed by topic for both English and Maths papers as outlined on this website; further feedback won't be possible.

Q. Who can collect my child/can my child come home on their own after the test?
A. Your child must be collected by a responsible adult.

Q.  Will there be a first aider on site during the tests?
A.  There will be no first aider on site.  If you have concerns about this or if you have a child with medical needs please contact us tests@theeducationhub.co.uk