Welcome to the Education Hub.

Inspired by my two sons, I’ve launched a range of jigsaw puzzles for children from diverse backgrounds. Formed to encourage children to explore careers that, up until now, have been largely considered "out-of-reach" to black people and often, white dominated. 

My mission is to Empower, Inspire and Educate our children of the future. That no matter what background you come from, anything they aspire to be is attainable. 

I am creating a new generation of puzzles, empowering and inspiring young minds. Diverse puzzles are rarely seen in toy shops and Schools in the UK and this lack of representation needs to change. 

Every child deserves to see characters who look just like them as representation matters to raise proud black children and instill self-love.

Puzzles are a great way to boost brainpower and educate your child. The left side of our brain controls logical thinking, reading and more. The right side is where the imagination and creativity lie. When your child is playing with a puzzle they’re engaging with both side of the brain and developing their physical, cognitive, and emotional skills.

 Thank you for choosing my puzzles to be part of your child's learning and development journey.

Happy Learning!